Hi, I'm Vianca Natividad

...and I'm addicted to capturing moments. I am a visual storyteller who takes pleasure in speaking through photos and films.

I dance out loud whether or not anyone is watching and occasionally, I create bridges between worlds and delve into the many cultures around me.

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Hi, I'm Vianca Natividad.

...but most of my friends call me Vi or Gigglez! I'm in love with film, photography, dance, and language, and strive to find different ways to mix and match my passions. Though I graduated from the Art Institute of California, Sacramento with a Bachelor's in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, I will always be a student and therefore always be learning. I'm not afraid of stepping out into the unknown to discover more about not only the world around me, but myself as well.

  • Mission - I aim to deliver unique, emotion-driven, powerful products with quality over quantity in mind.
  • Skills - Friendly, professional, genuine person with expertise in filmmaking, photography, dance, and Japanese.

Come create with me

I'm always looking to work on new projects with friendly creatives! Whether you have a personal project of your own that you are looking for an extra hand on, you're curious about a project I'm currently working on, or you have an event you need covered, I'm your girl!


My first project was a PSA for depression I made in 7th grade. I was very much a Wong Fu Productions fan so I tried out some angles and techniques I'd seen them using. I ended up getting featured on our school news every morning for the next couple of months! Since then, I haven't been able to shake the addiction of creating different worlds through film. Music video, concept, abstract, narrative, event, highlight - no matter your project I can help!


Capturing memorable images to treasure for a lifetime is my goal when I take a picture. There's just something about a photo - a single moment in time that's filled with so much emotion despite not knowing what happened before or after. After taking some photography electives in college, I feel even more in love with the artform. Street, event, portrait, and dance photography are some of my favorites! Lately I've also been experimenting with travel photography to document my travel experiences.


When I was just about starting 6th grade at my new middle school, my sister's friend showed me a group called "w-inds." and I instantly fell in love with their music. While taking classes from 7th grade to 12th, I hastened my studies by immersing myself in Japanese music, dramas, blogs, and news articles that I'd translate occasionally for fellow fans. I love the culture and currently have plans to visit Japan for three months in April 2017.


I started dancing in 2008 my freshman year of high school. I started and ran a club called Rhythm of Change that strived to spread hip hop culture. Unfortunately, it was the blind leading the blind as I never had much experience myself, and it wasn't until 2011 that I was exposed to the real dance community in not only Sacramento, but the Bay Area, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, and more. Since then, I've been struggling to come to terms with myself as not only a dancer, but as a female dancer that doesn't identify as very feminine. Join me on my journey!

Film by Vianca

Check out some of my filmography work! This section is still under construction as I refine other projects, but feel free to browse what has already made it to the page!

Photography by Vianca

Hi there! This section is still undergoing construction, but feel free to browse the photos that have already made it to the page! Alternatively, take a peak at my Instagram and Facebook for some of my more recent work!

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